Reviews of God's Gypsy

  • " SOME OF THE MOST DRAMATIC AND SENSATIONAL MOMENTS I HAVE EVER WITNESSED ON STAGE. A tour de force for both Blignaut and Cooper. Kudos go to Daniel deWeldon [in] a brilliant performance. " - BroadwayWorld

  • " Begins with appropriately bliss-inducing original music by violinist/vocalist/composer Lili Haydn. While nuns emerge from the mist on scenic designer/director Joel Daavid's gorgeous deconstructed cloister set. Blignaut plays Teresa with obvious affection. " - Los Angeles Times

  • " POWERFUL AND DEEPLY MOVING. A team of excellent actors. Coco Blignaut leads the way as Sister Teresa. Tsulan Cooper is superb. Daniel deWeldon is excellent . Edison Park is compelling. Four stars! "- 

  • " The stage itself is another of set designer Joel Daavid's habitual triumphs. It consists of simulated stone archways connected by diaphanous drapes behind which nuns can be seen walking from time to time, traversing the corridors of the convent. " - Santa Monica Daily Press 

  • " Standouts include composer-musician Lili Haydn's romantic score and the handsome, atmospheric set design by Joel Daavid "  - LA Weekly

  • " Flowed with humor and tension mixed with the facts… superb acting… I recommend the play ” - LA Splash 

  • " Blignaut is a wonder as she spirals down through Sister Teresa's bouts of rapture, totally immersing herself in the moment, taking us with her into the recesses of her mind, body and spiritual soul. " - Broadway World

  • " Celebrated violinist Lili Haydn composed the original score. It is the music of gypsies, wild and free. Set design for GOD'S GYPSY by the show's director Joel Daavid can be considered a character in the play, so intrinsic is the look of the fog-shrouded stone set to the mood and atmospheric realism of the production. " - Shari Barrett, Broadway World
  • "The show opens and closes with sound direct from God through the amazing Lili Haydn.  Herviolin and her voice combined to utterly and totally mesmerize the audience. Bringing this story to life on stage is a team of excellent actors. Coco Blignaut leads the way as Sister Teresa. She does a superb job of transforming from a young woman new to the Church to a well seasoned and revered senior woman of the Church. Tsulan Cooper is superb as Sister Teresa’s close friend Sister Angelica. Daniel de Weldon is excellent in his role as the darkly and deeply evil Father Braulio.  Edison Park is compelling as Father Javier the lifelong but unfulfilled love of Teresa. The entire supporting cast brought obvious and much appreciated talent to the performance. " - The Examiner